13° Wine Bar
Posh Nightcap on Place Jourdan


As we all (should) have learned from How I Met Your Mother, nothing good ever happens after 2 AM. This is also true for Place Jourdan: At 2 AM, even Maison Antoine has closed down.

The important decisions have to be taken much earlier anyway. For me, a night out on Jourdan can go two ways (both good ones): The down-to-earth, let’s-have-fries-and-beer way; or the wine-in-nice-glasses way.

For the second option, Wine Bar 13° is the place to go.


There is a fair choice of wines on offer, meaning that not only can you be certain that you will find something to your liking – but also fitting to your budget. Spoil yourself with a glass of something fancy; or simply rest assured that you cannot go wrong with the – compared to elsewhere in Brussels – decently priced ‘house’ wines.



Inside, it’s a nicely decorated wine bar with lots of wood, just enough light and the drinks menu never out of sight. Weather permitting, my first choice, though, would always be to sit outside, where the wine is complemented with some fresh air, and the people watching is always fun, too.


Alas, there is one tiny little downside: Because they offer food, 13° is one of the few places on Place Jourdan where you are not allowed to bring your own food, i.e. the heavenly french fries you can almost smell from here.

As I said: You have to make choices; and wine and french fries are not the best match, anyway.

13° Wine Bar, Place Jourdan, Brussels // Website

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