5 Things to do before Summer is over
Best Summer Attractions in Brussels

seaside3As most of you probably know, Summer in Brussels isn’t necessarily a guarantee for sunshine. That is why people living in Brussels try to make the most of every single sunny day. (And sunny days can be really enjoyable here as the temperatures never get too hot. So stick your tongue out at the rest of Europe sweating off their A****)

In case you aren’t quite sure what to do and are bored of your neighbourhood park, here are our 5 best activities:

frunch2Grab yourself a deckchair and chillax. The Chalet Robinson has quite a few deckchairs out on its terrace. If you don’t go at the weekend it is rather pleasant. It’s fun for the whole family as you take a small boat over to the island (only 1 Euro) and you can even hire rowing boats. A stop on the island makes a day in the Bois de la Cambre perfect. The restaurant has a reasonably priced lunch menu during the week in case you are hungry. We prefer to grab a waffle from the waffle trucks in the park. Other deckchair spots: Frunch on Fridays, Deckchairs on the terrace of Bowling Crosly (post to follow soon).

comus3Cool down with your favourite ice cream. The ice cream chain Capoue and Australian have outlets all over town. One of our  favourite parlours are Il Gelato on Place Jourdan. Here you can take your cone over to the Park Leopold. Comus and Gasterea is a more hidden spot – Belgium-lovers will find traditional flavours here. (Look out for our Best Ice Cream-Post coming soon!)

hap2-1024x681Have a lazy afternoon with a picnic in the park. Brussels has innumerable parks, so it really is a picnic-city. It’s up to you whether you prefer a big day out in one of the larger green areas such as Tervuren or Parc Woluwe, or whether you enjoy the peace and quiet of little “secret gardens” such as the Felix Hap Parc in Etterbeek. We always try to be stylish with our picnic-hamper.

seaside8Go to the seaside. Make the most of the Summer train tickets! From Friday morning till Sunday evening Belgian Rail offers half price tickets. Our tip: Avoid the crowds going to Oostende and get on a train to Blankenberge or Knokke instead. Rent a beach bed or just stroll along the promenade and sip one of the In-drinks. This season it’s Liefman’s on the Rocks.crystalterrace1End the day on a cool rooftop. Brussels isn’t big on cocktail bars. We will grant you that. After a summer in New York a year ago we really miss all those cool open air gin tonics. In Brussels the terraces are limited. We revisited the Crystal Lounge and had a fantastic evening on the terrace. The lounge beds were so comfy we even looked into buying one for our balcony. (Anyone got 500 Euro to spare:-)?) During the day the terrace on the terrace on the Royal Library offers great views. The MIM (Museum of Instruments) has a terrace too. Most people don’t know, however: You can go up for free, you don’t need to buy a museum ticket! (Posts to follow soon!)

Whatever you are up to this summer we hope you have a good one!

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