A la Mort Subite
Please don't die a sudden beer-death!


The Brasserie A la Mort Subite has been on our to-do-list for quite a while now. But we never really got around to looking up the exact location or even venturing there. And then, suddenly, one afternoon we walked past the place and discovered it coincidentally!

It was different to what I had expected. I had thought it would be a jam-packed, very large tourist place. On the day we visited, at 4 pm in the afternoon, it was full, yes, but not overrun. A fairly nondescript place from the outside.

La Mort Subite is a Brasserie with a long history. (Nearly a hundred years now). Due to the art-nouveau-decor and the homebrewed-beer it is in many guide books. (The other day we were asked by some German tourists whether we knew this place. Funny, they translated the name into german calling it “Zum plötzlichen Tod”.)

If you visit A la Mort Subite make sure to drink one of their beers. (From the Mort Subite Brewery now in Asse-Kobbegem.) We asked the waitress: There is a blond beer that is typical, plus there is a cherry beer (Kriek) and a framboise beer. We went for the framboise beer, so a rasberry flavoured drink. Normally I don’t like flavoured beers, they just taste of sugar to me. But this one actually still had an intense and very pleasant beer taste to it. I think they do food too, but didn’t see any being served while we were there.

A la Mort Subite is great on a sunny day, there are a couple of tables outside – it is much nicer than the other very average café just opposite on the little square. (But don’t forget to see the lovely wooden inside!) Obviously the prices are high, that is the city centre for you. But it is definitely worth a visit!

Oh and by the way: Are you wondering where the name comes from? Well, the first customers where bankers that visited in there lunch break. They would play games in their break, and in one of them the loser is called “Mort Subite”.

A La Mort Subite, Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes Potagères 7, Brussels // alamortsubite.com

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  1. Michelle JR

    I’ve had some wonderful evenings here.. I agree with you about the raspberry beer and the omelette’s are great too…

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