Adelardus Tripel
Something a little different


The Bink brewery in Kerkom (roughly halfway between Leuven and Liege) started life as a farm brewery in 1878. 90 years later the grandson of the founder had to close down, but 20 years later, when he retired, he was able to start up again.

In 2002, following the request of the Foundation, ‘Abbey, Town and Region’ and the town of Sint-Truiden, a dubbel abbey style beer with the name Adelardus was produced. Three years later a tripel version was added; today the brewery offers a range of ten different beers.

According to the brewery the Adelardus tripel is brewed with the addition of ‘gruut’ made up of about ten indigenous herbs. Should make an interesting beer, I thought.

The beer has an orange amber colour with a medium head that recedes very quickly. A good carbonation restores it a bit with a few swirls of the glass. The aroma is malt with underlying bready yeast tones followed by a vague fruitiness which slowly develops a mango and peach edge and then settles into banana.

The taste hit off with a clove like bitterness followed by a peppery spiciness. A malt sweetness came next which moved towards barley sugar. Somewhere in the middle a strange metalic taste came through. The expected fruit was well disguised but managed to squeeze through towards the end together with a probable hint of coriander.

The finish was lightly bitter with a warming peppery alcohol ( 9% vol) some sweet malt and a little yeast.

All in all, a fine beer; a bit different to the normal tripel style but very drinkable. Worth a try.

Happy beer drinking!

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