Aksum Coffee House
Ethiopia in the heart of Brussels

Do you  need that daily coffee fix? Or are you just looking for an out of the ordinary café in the town centre? Well then check out Aksum. It’ a cute little café on Rue des Eperonniers 60 – and to be honest, it doesn’t really look much like an Ethiopian café from the outside. It resembles more an oldfashioned sweet shop.

On entering, however, you will be hit by the smell of strong, freshly roasted coffee mixed with the tangy scent of passion fruit, tamarind and ginger. Why? Because Aksum doesn’t only offer great and pure coffee that is roasted on the premises, they also have some lovely tea infusions on offer and exotic fruit drinks. Plus: The cakes look homemade and heavenly. When we were there they had a pistachio and cholocolate cake on offer and a cheesecake with a fruity kick to it too.

We didn’t try them but the people around us looked more than satisfied. The place isn’t too big so be prepared to wait for a couple of minutes. The pictures on the wall will keep you occupied. Aksum is like a mini-art-gallery with African paintings on the walls. Some are up for sale and from time to time the owners organise vernissages.

For all those coffee junkies there is some more good news: You can also buy the coffee beans to take home!

Aksum Coffee House, Rue des Eperonniers 60, Brussels //www.aksumcoffeehouse.com