A Great Bakery on Place Jourdan


How do know at a glance if a bakery is good, really good? It’s easy: When there is a market outside, with stalls offering a wide variety of bread types, tartes, cakes etc. – and still the bakery is overflowing with customers each and every Sunday. It’s just like this with Bakery & Patisserie Allemeersch at Place Jourdan. 

Another sure-fire way of telling that a Brussels business has a lot of regular customers: They know who to greet in French and who to welcome in Flemish. That was one of the first things I noticed at Allemeersch’s when I first visited. There’s a lively atmosphere, and although the place is usually packed on Sundays, you never have to wait too long until it’s your turn to order. (And, yes: You can order in English, they will understand!)

What can we recommend so far? The baguettes are all winners, as are the eclaires – no matter which. Our favourite at the moment: The huge Brioches – careful, they are addictive!

Boulangerie Allemeersch, Chaussee de Wavre 396 (On Place Jourdan), Brussels // Website