L’Amour Fou
Popular Place for Burgers


As those of you following our blog know: We loooove our burgers. And we have tried quite a few in Brussels. One of our personal favourite spots for burgers ist the  Hard Rock Café . Yes, they are pricey – but they also are worth it.

But obviously we want to try the local Burgers, too. That’s why we always keep our eyes open. Over the past two years we heard a lot about Amour Fou. And about their burgers. Somehow though we always considered them a bit too expensive. Then, recently, we finally decided to give this restaurant a go. We went for the lamb burger – with sweet potatoe fries. And? Did the burger fulfil our expectations? 

Unfortunately not quite.  We were a party of four: Two of us ordered the burgers medium, the other two wanted them well done. The waiters/cooks didn’t manage to cater to this wish. But that wasn’t the main negative point. The meat was good, the beetroot and salad in the lamb burger were yummy, too. All in all however the burger was rather small. Plus: People I had spoken to had raved about the bread rolls. They weren’t outstanding to us.  The lamb burgers came with sweet potatoe fries. Unfortunately they were rather soggy.

This doesn’t mean that the food wasn’t good, it was just disappointing –  definitely not the best burger in town (we liked Les Super Filles du Tram better.) Also the restaurant get’s rather full and a bit stuffy. The atmosphere wasn’t really the place that allowed you to have a nice long talk with friends.

L’Amour Fou, Chaussée d’Ixelles 185, Brussels // Website

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  1. why i am not skinny

    I had a good experience there – but have heard/read that sometimes their service can differ from day to day (good to non-existent)…
    I see that they have been closed since end of July for renovations… so maybe this will help on the interior…

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