A Watering Hole with Style

archeducWalking down Rue Antoine Dansaert during the day, you might think of the (closed) bar L’Archiduc as just another watering hole. But wait until it opens. Behind the door lies a rare gem: A piano bar that dates back to the 1930s.The interior is Art-Deco, think straight lines, rounded corners, leather chairs – all in brown and beige colours. The venue actually used to belong to a Jazz musician, Stan Brenders (He was a friend of Nat King Cole.) You can just imagine some great jazz musicians having a ball here. The piano from the late 1920s is now only used for concerts – on usual nights they play house music or jazz.

Obviously drinks here have their price. The usual glass of wine is one or  two Euros more than elsewhere, there also are cocktails – apparently Vodkatinis are a treat.

We went to this bar on a Tuesday night – so it was rather relaxed. But we do intend to go sometime at the weekend. People who aren’t that into history/architecture love this bar as an After Hours Place. It is open until 5 am in the morning!

From time to time L’Archiduc also has themed days: i.e.  “After Shopping” drinks on Saturdays and Jazz concerts on Sundays.  Will have to give them a try sometime. See you there!

L’Archiduc, Rue Antoine Dansaert 6, Brussels // Website