L’Atelier en Ville
Be hip, go there!

Yes, we know the weather is – once again – not the best this weekend. That’s why I have decided to introduce you to a café that suits any weather – because it has a fantastic inside and outside seating area!

We discovered L’Atelier en ville (Rue haute 64, Marolles) driving past one day on the bus. We just saw a glimpse of the terrace (it’s out the back) and the shopwindow looked appealing too. We memorized the name and looked it up on the internet – didn’t take long and we went there!


We took some friends and sat at one of the big tables in the window. I am not sure whether this exact table was for sale – but this café also is a furniture shop, so you will find pricetags on some of the furniture.

The place is trendy – you also notice it drinkwise. They sell Kusmi Tea (the ‘in’ tea at the moment) and you can have your chai tea latte with different kinds of frothed milk (soya, low fat etc.) The cakes looked rather yummy too – our friend tried the tiramisu cake, said it was worth a try!

He was actually the one who profited most from our visit to this hip-place. Only after we had finished up our drinks did we discover the boutique upstairs. They sell cool clothes there – and more furniture too. (i.e. woodcarved wash baisins).

L’Atelier en ville also serve bagels. However, they are not put together freshly but ready prepared – so if you have any special wishes, they can’t really adapt.

Now to the terrace – we haven’t tried it yet. We went there on a sunny afternoon – but the patio was in the shade. We were longing for sun, so we went somewhere else instead.

L’Atelier en Ville, Rue Haute 64, Brussels // www.atelierenville.be