Izakaya The Hidden Japanese Restaurant

The hidden Japanese restaurant


If you are a fan of Japanese food, you really can’t complain while in Brussels. Over the last couple of years quite a few places have popped up – Menma and Kokuban are among our favourites. Although we probably never will get over the loss of Yamato (what an exceptional place!).

And we are constantly trying to track down more great places. (Please note: When we talk about Japanese restaurants we mean more than just a Sushi Bar. Although we love them too! Post on Makisu will be coming soon.)

Izakaya is probably one of the most hidden restaurants in town.

Pastelaria Garcia Portugese Patisserie

Pastelaria Garcia
Portugese Patisserie


Yes, Brussels is a great place for all of you with a sweet tooth. (And of course also for those of you with a savoury tooth.) On every corner you will find a Boulangerie/Patisserie boasting great pastries and cakes. And, personally, I don’t think you can have too many Pain au Chocolats. However, just in case you get bored, we recommend trying Pastelaria Garcia. This is a little Portugese Café on the Avenue de la Couronne.

Dam Sum The Best Place For Dim Sum

Dam Sum
The best place for Dim Sum


Ever since discovering the Dim Sum Restaurant Nom Wah Tea Parlor in New York I have been longing for a great Dim Sum place in Brussels. Yes, Dim Sum has been available here in the past – but in “normal” Asian restaurants the selection is rather limited. (Think: Basket of steamed vegetarian or non-vegetarian starters.) That’s why I couldn’t wait for Dam Sum to open. (I followed the development of the building site on the Parvis de la Trinité last year really closely and couldn’t wait for the “coming soon” sign to come down.)

Jack O’Shea Chophouse A Meat Lovers Brunch

Jack O’Shea Chophouse
A Meat Lovers Brunch


Sausage and a good steak aren’t necessarily breakfast/brunch staples – and I wouldn’t expect them on my breakfast tray or at a hotel buffet. However, when one of Brussels most renowned butchers – Jack O’Shea – is offering a meat lovers brunch, even I can be persuaded to give it a try. (As the brunch doesn’t start till 12 pm you could also just call it “lunch” and that makes the thought of eating a pile of meat a lot easier.)

Jack O’Shea has become rather popular over the last couple of years. When we arrived in Brussels four years ago they only had one outlet – in the EU district. Strategically well chosen for all of those Expats. (The staff there  speaks English so you can order your cuts without worrying about a language problem.)

Momo Tibetan Dumplings

Tibetan Dumplings


Rue Defacqz in Ixelles is best known for its lovely Art Nouveau buildings. The Hôtel Ciamberlani is here, Paul Hankar also designed (and lived) in a house here too. For all of those who have seen these pearls time and time again the Rue Defacqz has a further attraction – that is definitely just as worthwhile visiting. The little restaurant Momo can easily be missed. But once you have discovered it you will definitely come back time and time again!

Les Trouvailles De Louise Hidden Gem In Schaerbeek

Les Trouvailles de Louise
Hidden Gem in Schaerbeek


Schaerbeek isn’t usually top of your list if you are looking for a cosy café or even a great restaurant. However, it is worth the trip! Not only is this district home to one of the best places for Moules Frites (Mussels and chips), namely Le Zinneke, it also has a very cute place for breakfast.

Les Trouvailles de Louise is tucked away in the side street Rue Josephat.

Osteria Bolognese The Place For Pasta

Osteria Bolognese
The Place for Pasta


Many people have told me about Osteria Bolognese just off the Square Boniface. Some even go as far as to say it is the best place for pasta in town. For a long time we weren’t interested in Italian food in Brussels. Pasta dishes can be rather expensive and we like our own pasta sauce creations at home.

However, we would be bad food bloggers if we just left out Italian places.

Place Des Chasseurs Ardennais Friday Market In Schaerbeek

Place des Chasseurs Ardennais
Friday Market in Schaerbeek

chasseur1One of the things we love most about Brussels is the fact that there are so many markets. You literally can visit an outdoor market on every single day of the week and buy fresh products or just enjoy the colourful atmosphere. A colourful market can turn a simple square (or car park) into a real oasis. And sometimes, if you close your eyes, you might feel as if you are on a short weekend-break in the Provence, not in a large town like Brussels.

Some of the markets are held in the early evening – so they are great places to meet up for an afterwork drink.The most popular afternoon/evening markets (among expats) are definitely St. Gilles-Market on Mondays and Chatelain-Market on Wednesdays. However, they sometimes get a bit full for our liking.

We prefer to go for a more relaxed glass of wine in Schaerbeek. On Fridays a rather extensive market is held on the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais.

Lale Pizzeria Best Pide For The Smallest Budget

Lale Pizzeria
Best Pide for the Smallest Budget


Finding the best Pizza in Brussels is a quest of many food bloggers in town. However, most focus solely on the Italian pizza, the “normal” pizza. Why not hunt for the best Turkish pizza in town, also known as Pide? This is a long, thin type of pizza with a slightly different dough and oriental toppings.

The best place to try your first Pide has to be at Lale Pizzeria on Chaussée de Haecht.

Maru Korean Kitchen Bibimbap - But Not At Its Best

Maru Korean Kitchen
Bibimbap - but not at its best

koreankitchen3Since in Brussels we have a new favourite food. No, it’s not Moules or Stoemp, it’s the Korean dish Bibimbap. We discovered this  healthy dish – a sizzling bowl of rice, topped with vegetables, egg and meat (if you like) – at Meli Mely. And since then we have spent quite some time hunting about for other good Bibimbaps in Brussels.

After trying Kimchi in the town centre, we headed over to Ixelles to Maru.