Schaerbeek Beer Museum A Hidden Gem For Beer Lovers

Schaerbeek Beer Museum
A Hidden Gem for Beer Lovers


Brussels is filled with Museums, a lot of which are worth a visit – and a lot of which are well-known. Think BOZAR, Magritte, and so on.

Then again, there are those that are little know – but still very well worth going to.

One of them is the Schaerbeek Beer Museum, a true hidden gem for Belgian Beer Lovers.

Chez Franz Down To Earth Brunch

Chez Franz
Down to Earth Brunch


As it sometimes happens with the Belgian Beers we review, what drew my attention to this place was its name: Chez Franz. Sounds like a cool combination of French and German, right? (Austria’s last emperor was named Franz, so the picture that pops into my mind is, of course, the one of an old man with a grand white beard …)

Chez Franz is a cool combination in other ways, too: It’s a café in the morning, a resto during the day and a relaxed watering hole in the evenings – never closing before midnight. And on the weekend, it’s a nice spot for Brunch.

The Tastes Of 2015 Highlights From Brussels

The Tastes of 2015
Highlights from Brussels

Always looking for new Spots in Brussels

Always looking for new Spots in Brussels


Happy New Year, Everybody!

We hope you are doing well, that Santa and his Elves have treated you to some nice Christmas present and, hopefully, that you are as excited about the new year in Brussels as we are.

Our year started with good news: The readers of Spottedbylocals were asked to submit their recommendations for the Best Blogs about Brussels & were friendly enough to include ours. Thanks a lot!

Before we get started with new posts for the new year, though, let’s have a look back at some favourites from the old one; including posts that attracted a lot of attention, and others that are personal highlights from us (although, come to think of it, these two categories usuall mix quite well …).

The Tastes Of November Best Of The Recent Weeks

The Tastes of November
Best of the recent Weeks


Missed something on the blog in recent weeks? Here’s a look back at the highlights of November – including Five Ways to Enjoy Brussels this Autumn, a new fabulous Italian restaurant – and the winners of our “Brussels Feeling” Photo Competition.

Five Ways To Enjoy Brussels This Autumn Make The Best Of Now

Five Ways to Enjoy Brussels this Autumn
Make the Best of Now

My favourite time in Brussels? Now – as in Right Now. Always. No matter the season. Brussels is one of the few cities I know that I find enjoyable all year round.

Yes, even those November days that can seem endlessly grey and foggy hold a ray of light. Don’t believe me? Then go through our list of 5 Ways to enjoy Brussels this autumn …

Show Some Brussels Love, Win Some Beer Which Pictures Capture Your Brussels Feeling?

Show some Brussels love, win some Beer
Which Pictures capture your Brussels Feeling?


Good news, folks: We have teamed up with the people of Spotahome to spread the word about the beautiful, the quirky, the wondrous sides of Brussels. Every couple of weeks we will have a guest post at their site focusing on a Brussels-related topic.

To celebrate our cooperation and our mutual love for Brussels, we are hosting a little competition.

Usually, we tell you about our favourite spots and tastes in and of Brussels. Now, we would like to hear from you for a change: Let us know what Brussels means to you, what you like or find special about the city.

Brussels Beer Project A New Brewery Born Out Of A Great Idea

Brussels Beer Project
A new Brewery born out of a great Idea


The story of the Brussels Beer Project includes many elements that – at least in my view – any good story should have: An idea that at first may seem a little (or a lot) crazy, but turns out to be genius; a happy ending (or at least a positive development) – and, of course, beer. Also, it’s crowdfunded, and that’s kinda cool, don’t you think?

The Tastes Of October The Best Of The Month

The Tastes of October
The Best of the Month


A Wine Bar on Place Jourdan, heavenly Japanese Buns, a new market and one very special restaurant were among the highlights on the blog in October.

Let’s take a look back – including some ideas on how to enjoy the sunny days of autumn!

La Quincaillerie Fine Dining In Former Hardware Store

La Quincaillerie
Fine Dining in Former Hardware Store


Fine restaurants are aplenty in Brussels; and so are out-of-the-box, somewhat quirky places. Finding both – good food combined with a special, different location – in the same place is not very common, though.

La Quincaillerie is a rare exception: It offers a top menu in the surroundings of a former hardware store.