Chez Eugene Authentic, Tasty Fries In Uccle

Chez Eugene
Authentic, tasty fries in Uccle


Our quest for the best fries in Brussels recently took us all the way out to Uccle. Not to Chez Clementine, though, which we have already reviewed here, but to Chez Eugene, which is more off the beaten track still. A busy through-road passes by, but driving there you probably would not notice the little friterie with its blue plastic tables and chairs on the small square next to the railway station.

Lasagna Tiramisù Italian Classics At Their Best

Lasagna Tiramisù
Italian Classics at their Best


I appreciate it when things are straight-forward; I also applaud authenticity. This cute Italian place ticks both boxes, which – apart from the delicious offerings – is another reason to like it.

Calling your shop Lasagna Tiramisù when your specialities are those exact two Italian classics – I guess you will agree it does not get any more straight-forward than this.

As for the authenticity: Does it suffice to tell you that chances are pretty high you will enter the shop while one of the staff will shout something in Italian to one of their regulars?

Best Ice Cream In Brussels Five Flavours To Try Before Summer Is Over

Best Ice Cream in Brussels
Five Flavours to try before Summer is over


If you ask me, the sign is right: Buying ice cream is the best substitute for buying happiness. We have tried a lot of the sweet stuff this summer, so we are confident you too will like or favourites. For this list of the best ice creams in Brussels, we have focused on flavours that you won’t find in many ice cream parlours; sometimes even in just one.

The Tastes Of August Our Discoveries In Recent Weeks

The Tastes of August
Our Discoveries in Recent Weeks


Summer is nearly over, but there should still be a couple of sunny days ahead. So if you have missed out on any summer activities – now is the time. To help you enjoy those last hours of sunshine before autumn kicks in, here is a look back on our discoveries in August – including great Italian lunch, fabulous ice cream and two new terraces.

Lindemans Gin Kriek With A New Spirit

Lindemans Gin
Kriek with a new Spirit


I like kriek beer; I appreciate it’s fruity cherry flavour and also its lightness, which makes it a great refreshment on hot summer days. Still, I have at times caught myself wondering what it would be like if that kriek in my hand had a little more, you know, boom to it. If it was a bit stronger, like ‘proper’ beer.

Now, there is – sort of – a kriek with a lot more boom: The Lindemans brewery, well-known and liked for – amongst others – their fruity beer, have teamed up with the De Moor distillery to create Lindemans Premium Gin.

A Day At The Seaside Make The Most Of Belgium's Beaches

A Day at the Seaside
Make the Most of Belgium's Beaches


One of the most underrated advantages of Brussels, in my view, is that it is not only easy to go to London, Paris, or Amsterdam, but that it is also rather close to the seaside. It is well worth going for a single day, in fact – if you know how to get there quickly and how to make the best of your time.

Here, then, is our guide to the perfect day at the Belgian seaside.

5 Best Places For Moules Frites Where To Get The Classic Dish In Brussels

5 Best Places for Moules Frites
Where to get the Classic Dish in Brussels


Summer is here, which means it is time not only for a vacation, but – at least when you are in Brussels – also time to go and treat yourself to some fresh mussels. Moules Frites is a national dish in Belgium, and even though you might find picking the mussel meat out of their shells a tiny bit disgusting at first, let me assure you that it is well worth a try.

Here is our list of 5 of the Best Places to eat Moules Frites in Brussels.


Le Zinneke

You could say that Le Zinneke (pictured above) is for mussels what Delirium is for beers: Hands down the most varieties on offer. 70 different sauces are to be found on the menu – ranging from the classics (“nature”, “provencale” or with white wine, for example) to the exotic, including a number of beer-based sauces. We love the moules here, especially when the weather is nice enough to sit in the back garden. You can read our full review of Le Zinneke here.

La Boussole

Around the church of Saint Catherine is an abundance of restaurants offering seafood and, of course, mussels. We have come to like La Boussole the best here: Relaxed atmosphere, great food and the proximity to the city centre make for a nice evening in town. Find our full review of La Boussole here.


Au Vieux Bruxelles

A fixture on the ever-changing Place Saint Boniface, this is one of the best places in Brussels to get traditional Belgian food without at the same time getting busloads of tourists. Still, this is a well-known, well-liked and thus well-visited place, so make sure to book a table! Our full review of Au Vieux Bruxelles can be found here.

La Quincaillerie

This might just be the most stylish place to go for Moules Frites: Housed inside a former hardware store, this resto is a rather posh place in the expat-dominated area around Place Chatelain. It’s well suited for special occasions or a romantic dinner for two. There is a very affordable business lunch on offer Monday to Friday, with the menu changing every week. Right now, mussels are an option for the business lunch menu; more on their website here.


Le Chou de Bruxelles

The countless depictions of Manneken Pis – he’s even in their logo, which is printed on the windows – is a sure sign that you will find typical Belgian food here, along with a couple of tourists, though not in huge crowds. The food is great here, and while the variety of mussels is not quite as overwhelming as it is at Le Zinneke, the ~30 sauces will give you plenty of choice. The homemade fries are a plus. You can read more in our full review of Le Chou de Bruxelles here.


The Molenbeek Valley Promenade Verte, Part VII

The Molenbeek Valley
Promenade Verte, Part VII


NOTE: This is part 7 of 7 in our series about the Promenade Verte, the “Green Path” around Brussels. You can find general information and links to all other parts on this page.

Start: Cimetiere de Berchem (Bus 84)

Finish: Atomium (Metro 6, Trams 7 & 19)

Should I walk all of it? If you feel like it.