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Fast Food with a Slow Touch

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When we went to the banco! bar/resto in Ixelles (79 rue du Bailli) one Saturday noon, the place was buzzing. Almost all the tables were taken, and a lively crowd of friends, couples and families was tucking into their lunch. It seemed like the perfect place to enjoy a late breakfast or something quick for lunch. Turns out, the first impression was not to last. 

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When the waiter first came, he was gone again before he took the first order – he had forgotten his pencil and pad. When he returned, we made a simple order: Three teas, one coffee, one breakfast.

Apparently, it was not simple enough. It took 20 minutes until all of the drinks had arrived (finding that last tea turned out to be extremely difficult …) and almost half an hour had gone by before the breakfast was on the table. Maybe it took so long because they waited until the toast was burnt black? Or maybe it had something to do with the black smoke coming out of the kitchen every now and then? We’ll never know  …

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The bacon, sausage and eggs were fine, but not spectacular. To be fair, the burgers on the tables next to us looked pretty delicious. The stuffed pitas too.

We were not surprised that we had to ask for the bill a couple of times – the third waitress we asked finally arranged that we could pay.

Overall, it seems like a nice place – if you get there at the right time and are lucky enough to be served by one of the waiters that is fully awake … Or if you just want to have a drink and are not in a hurry, this might be just the place for you.

banco! bar, Rue du Bailli 79, Brussels // Website