Souperb Lunch in Gent


Yes, I know you are probably expecting a soup recipe we have tried at home. But you will just have to be a bit patient! (In the pipeline: Courgette soup, Pumpkin soup and my favourite Mushroom soup!) This week, however, I want to introduce you to a great soup bar. Well, actually it isn’t a soup bar. It is a lovely little café/bakery with delicious snacks of all kind: salads, sandwiches, quiches, soups, cakes, brownies – you name it, Barista in Ghent has it. (Address: Zuivelbrug.)

We found this appealing little place on one of our weekend outings to Ghent. It was a chilly, blustry day and we really felt like a break. It was mainly the Chai Latte that beckoned us inside. (Note: They use Chai Tea Bags and hot frothy milk. So if you are expecting something sweet you will have to get that sugar spoon going yourself. No sirup here!)

We ordered two hot drinks and as it was noon we also opted for a little snack to rev up our energy levels. Soup of the day was a Courgette soup. (Some might say Zucchini soup!) For under 5 Euro it was a hearty and very tasty snack. The soup was served with homemade (very large) croutons and one thick and rustic and heavenly slice of bread. Oh, their bread was sooo good! I actually felt like going and buying another couple of slices to nibble on, but we had to move on and I do try to at least watch my carbs. The soup itself was very rich in taste, perfect in texture – not too runny, not too salty. And: There wasn’t the usual dollop of sour cream plonked in the middle.

The teas plus the soup definitely warmed as up. We ventured out to get a good look around Ghent – but I could have stayed for hours at Barista!

Note: There is also a souplounge across the bridge. Do not get the two mixed up. We only walked past souplounge but the ambience was have as nice!

Barista, Zuivelbrug/Mersenierstraat, Gent //