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Belgian Beer Paradise in the City Centre


It’s not that you could not buy fine beer at any corner (literally any corner!) in Brussels – there is certainly no lack of offerings in that category. But sometimes you fancy something special, be it browsing through obscure never-heard-of beers or looking for a specific specialty that you heard about or have been recommended.

For finding those uncommon bottles and cans it is best to head straight to a specialised Beer shop. There are one or two in the touristy city centre. Beer Planet is in the centre, too, but tucked away – so be sure to find it. 

It is located at 45 Rue de la Fourche, only a short walk from the Grand Place. It’s in a less-frequented street, though, so you might want to check the exact location before going, otherwise you might end up wandering around the many lanes of the city centre. Beer Planet claims to have the largest collection of Belgian beers, and while we did not count them all, it seems they have good reason for that claim. We went there looking for a bunch of hard-to-get beers and got more than half of them. For the others, the shopkeeper offered to order or put aside a bottle for us from the next delivery, respectively.

Beer Planet, Rue de la Fourche 45, Brussels //

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  1. ithinkaboutbeer

    How is the pricing? Some of the shops I stopped in were very heavily tourist oriented and overpriced.

    1. philipp

      I dont remember the exact pricing. The Beer Planet in the City seemed a Bit pricier than Beer Mania – but then it’s difficult to compare, because we bought different uncommon beers, which means prices vary a lot. I can say, though, that in neither Shop I had the Feeling that things were overpriced.

  2. emily

    I was given a list of uncommon beers to track down. My friend had looked at prices on the internet and written them next to the beers on his list. It turned out that the beers at Beer Mania were cheaper than my friend had estimated (he had just done random / non-shop-specific research on the net.) .. but obviously the beers were still more than your usual Leffe at Carrefour. We bought to Chimey-Glasses at Beer Mania recently. Watch out – they were more expensive than in other places! (4,50 for the small (0,185) glasses.) However, I like Beer Mania as I walk past there everyday and have fond memories of drinking a beer there and buying presents for friends and family. So I didn’t mind it really.

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