Beer Mania
Beer Shop near the EU Parliament

Beer Mania, a rather extensive beer shop located in the Chaussee de Wavre halfway between Place Luxembourg and Porte de Namur, claims to stock over 400 Belgian beers. If you are looking not only for special beers themselves, but also the branded glasses that they should be drunk from, this is the place to go: Beer Mania has over 100 different glass types, including some collectors items that, sadly, are not for sale.

mea_culpaAside from being a beer shop, Beer Mania also has a pub area (including a little terrace area in spring and summer!), where you can consume beer as well as snacks. One of the beers on offer is the owner own brew: Mea Culpa. It comes in blonde and brune and is served in one of the most extravagant beer glasses we have seen.

If you are looking for something special, it is wise to talk to the owner – he will point you in the right direction or can order the beer for you.

Beer Mania, Chaussee de Wavre 174, Brussels //