Beer Museum at Grand Place
A Drink is Always Included


When we heard that the Belgian Brewers were opening a Belgian Beer Museum, we were pretty excited. After our visit it seems we had set our hopes a bit too high.

The first impression was positive: Although it’s directly on the Grand Place, the museum was not overrun by tourists. (It is hidden in broad daylight: If you are not looking for the entrance, you probably won’t notice it.) Going down a few steps into the cellar gives it less of a classical museum vibe and makes it more down to earth.

Five Euro entrance fee for a museum is reasonable enough; even more so, seeing as you get a glass of beer at the end of your visit to drink in the little cellar-cafe where your tour starts and ends.


The visit itself was a disappointment for us: Unless we missed a secret passage somewhere, the museum consists of only one room, where you can see a couple of metal containers and machines used in the brewing process; a couple of videos and boards explaining the process to you; and … that’s it.

Our advice: If you have never been to a brewery, are interested in how beer is made but don’t have a lot of time in Brussels – then go to the Belgian Beer Museum, have a quick look around and enjoy your glass of beer (it’s Belgian, though they won’t tell you which one it is).

If you are not pressed for time, it’s adviseable to go and visit a proper brewery that offers tours, like the Cantillon brewery in Brussels (about which a separate blog-post will soon follow!).


Belgian Beer Museum, Grand Place // Website

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    Oh no, what a shame – this doesn’t sound fun at all!

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