Belgian Chocolate Village
A Must for those with a Sweet Tooth


As you all know: We love our chocolates! We have written all about our favourite chocolatiers in Brussels, such as Frederic Blondeel and recently we have quite come to like Bruyerre. But we rarely think about where this chocolate comes from. That’s why we headed off to the new chocolate Museum, the Belgian Chocolate Village.


Situated in an old biscuit factory  near the Basilique of Koekelberg one might think this  chocolate-paradise is quite far away. But it isn’t! Depending on where you are in town, you can either take the Metro to Simonis or Elisabeth. (Note: This is not the small, older chocolate museum in town.)

Once at Elisabeth station, it wasn’t difficult to find the museum.  We just had to keep our eyes open for the “chocolate footsteps” that led us straight to the museum. We were there on a weekday morning. Luckily we timed it right and we had the place nearly all to ourselves.


The self guided tour through the museum starts off with a film, followed by lots of information boards and show cabinets on chocolate. (I.e. you learn about the word “Ganache” – did you know that the word used to be an insult?)

As the museum is new – it only opened in 2015 – there are loads of computers and interactive things to do. You can smell chocolate flavours, touch chocolate moulds and half way through your tour there is a chocolate demonstration. The friendly chocolatier from La Fabrique a Chocolate showed us how to make pralines – and even gave us a recipe so we can try them at home!


After having tried some chocolate we learned all about the effects of chocolate on our bodies in the downstairs rooms. From here you can step out into a  greenhouse where they have actually planted some cocoa-trees.

Due to the audioguide-tour you can take as long as you like. We were in there for a very long time, about 1,5 hours,  as it really was interesting for us chocolate lovers.

After the visit you can buy some chocolate-treats in the gift shop or even sit down for a cup of hot chocolate, cake or ice-cream in the tea room. (Or should I call it a “chocolate room”?) Unfortunately we were the only visitors, so there wasn’t that much ambience in the empty café. Maybe next time!

Belgian Chocolate Village, Rue de Neck 20, Brussels // Website

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