Gin Tasting with Belgin Gin
It's not all about Beer in Belgium



As you know, we love Belgian Beers. We love to drink it, we want to see how it’s made and we even take rather complicated trips into the middle of nowhere just to get one special beer.

So we’ve learned quite a bit about Belgian Beers so far. Belgian Spirits? Not so much.

Well, that has changed, thanks to the friendly people at Belgin Gin, who, together with Alison and Andrew from Cheeseweb, recently organised a Gin Tasting event. 

I’ve only ever had Gin together with Tonic, so I was pretty surprised when the evening started off with a glass of bubbly. Turns out, Cava (or Champagne, if you can afford it) and Gin do make for a nice combination, with the Elderflower in the Belfleur  giving the whole thing a nice sweet touch.

The next surprise for me: Hop is not only used in beer, but in Gin as well. Toni from Belgin Gin let us try the Fresh Hop Gin first on its own and then with Tonic. Although it was interesting to try it in pure form, I still prefer the G&T package; the same with the Ultra 13, which is just a little bit stronger and, in my opinion, had a more “clear”, distinct taste.

Knowing next to nothing about Gin before this evening, it was really interesting to have Toni explain some things. Like many beer producers, Belgin don’t have their own production site, but instead have their products made – after their very own recipies – by distillers; three different ones at the moment. They aim for the premium segment of the market, so be prepared to pay around 30 € for a half-litre bottle of Gin.

When Toni filled our glasses with a shot of something red and asked us what it reminded us of, the answer was easy: Red Bull. Why? Because he had mixed their Wild Berry Belsnap with the energy drink – again, something new and a nice combination; though you have to have a sweet tooth to appreciate it.

The night then also ended on a sweet note: We tried the Elderflower Belfleur, which had started us off in a mix with the Cava, on its own. Again, it’s all about the sweet tooth: I have one, and I really liked the Belfleur – others, who prefer their spirits dry, not so much.

Belgin Gin is pretty new on the market, so it should be interesting to see how they develop – in Belgium, but also in the rest of Europe as well as overseas. If you want to try their products but don’t find them at your local supermarket, there should be a list on their website. Also, check out their Facebook page as there should be a couple of events coming up, the next one already in a couple of days at the Green Lab Louise.

Oh, and one more word for my fellow sweet-toothed friends: Gin apparently also mixes well with chocolate, so Belgin Gin have teamed up with the people from Demeestere to produce Gin-filled pralinés. Sounds good to me!

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  1. Linda Carson

    I am interested in hosting a gin tasting event in my home for a group of friends. Can you tell me if this could be possible? Might an opportunity exist within the next few weeks? Thank you for your time.

    1. Philipp

      Hi Linda! We don’t organise those events – you would have to contact Belgin and ask them about it! Cheers!

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