Five Ways to Enjoy Brussels this Autumn
Make the Best of Now

My favourite time in Brussels? Now – as in Right Now. Always. No matter the season. Brussels is one of the few cities I know that I find enjoyable all year round.

Yes, even those November days that can seem endlessly grey and foggy hold a ray of light. Don’t believe me? Then go through our list of 5 Ways to enjoy Brussels this autumn …

1) Go for a walk

Brussels is incredibly green for a major city – just have a look at the city from above, i.e. on Google earth. See?

Better still: Enjoy the green parts of the capital in 3D while going for a walk. Don’t know where to start? No problem: We walked around the city on the Promenade Verte (yes, all around Brussels in a circle, no kidding), and you can find detailed descriptions of the Green Path on our blog here.

2) Warm up with Tea

Granted, the real Brussels drink is beer, and we’ll come to that soon. But first: Let’s turn to a drink more suited for cold afternoons.

Though Brussels is not Vienna when it comes to coffee culture („Wiener Kaffeehaus“ comes to mind), it has a couple of more than decent coffee houses and tea parlours.

A true oasis of tranquility is Comptoir Florian on Place St Boniface; La Mercerie, round the corner from Place Flagey is equally enjoyable and has a larger range of food and cakes.


3) Take a trip
Brussels is surrounded by great places to visit – and you don’t even have to take a train to Amsterdam, Paris or London.

How about, for example, a trip to the Sint-Sixtus abbey at Westvleteren? You can taste (and buy) Westvleteren beer, which is often named as one of the world’s best, you can visit the abbey and you can go for walk in the countryside.

Or how about a trip to the seaside? There is no use bringing your bathing suit, of course, but the beach is nice in colder climate, too. You can find some more inspiration for the perfect day at the seaside here.


4) Have a beer
Whatever the weather, having a Belgian beer in a laid-back Brussels brasserie is never a bad idea. Recently, the Brussels Beer Project opened their new brewery in the city; of course, you can also find their brews in many other places.

One of those well-stocked watering holes in the city is Moeder Lambic – I bet you will something there you haven’t tried before! Not sure what to drink? Then have a browse through our 100+ beer reviews – there’s a new one each and every Thirsty Thursday.

5) Enjoy a Brussels Classic
Belgian Cuisine tends to be rather heavy – so cooler weather is quite suitable for having a classic dish. Two of the best restaurants specialising in Belgian Food are C’Est Bon, C’est Belge – „It’s good, it’s Belgian“ – and Nuetnigenough.

A must while in Brussels are Moules Frites – do yourself a a favour and try them at least once. And do yourself another, bigger favour and try them at a decent restaurant. You can find five of the best places for Moules Frites in our list here.

Not quite as posh, but just as enjoyable are Belgian French Fries. Good friteries can be found all over the city – if you need guidance, have a look at our „Best Fries in Brussels Ranking“.


Keep on Tasting Brussels!