Frit Flagey
Best Fries in Brussels Ranking #7


Note: For a little more than two years now we’ve been trying to find the best Fries in Brussels. We’ve tried numerous Friteries, most of them more than once (especially if we were not convinced the first time). Now it’s time for our (very subjective) ranking of The Best Fries in Brussels. For this ranking we focused mainly on the taste of the fries themselves and compared them with other equally tasty fries. Then we added things like atmosphere, price, etc. and decided who should be ranked higher.

Frit Flagey is #7 in our ranking – you can find the full list with all the reviews here.

Our first visit to Frit Flagey didn’t go that well – it was (although sunny) a cold winter day, there were hardly any other customers (not good, because it often means your fries won’t be that fresh) and the men running the friterie seemed to be having a fight.

Considering all this, when were disappointed by the fries themselves, we put it down to having chosen a bad day. It happens, no big deal.

Since then, we have come back to Frit Flagey a couple of times – only to find our disappointment grow. No matter if we ordered in English (as the first time) or in quite good French – we always got the feeling that friendliness (towards Expats or tourists?) was not on the menu.

The real disappointment for us, though, were what was supposed to be the main attraction: The fries themselves. Every time, they were rather dry, too crisp and seemed to have been in the oil too long. It might be that it’s just a different ‘frites philosophy’ or a different ‘style’ – friends of ours prefer Frit Flagey because of said crispiness – but for our tastebuds they just weren’t tasty enough.

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