Friterie du Miroir
Best Fries in Brussels Ranking #6


Note: For a little more than two years now we’ve been trying to find the best Fries in Brussels. We’ve tried numerous Friteries, most of them more than once (especially if we were not convinced the first time). Now it’s time for our (very subjective) ranking of The Best Fries in Brussels. For this ranking we focused mainly on the taste of the fries themselves and compared them with other equally tasty fries. Then we added things like atmosphere, price, etc. and decided who should be ranked higher.

Friterie du Miroir is #6 in our ranking – you can find the full list with all the reviews here.

After even trying to make our own Belgian Fries (from a recipe in What’s cooking in Belgium), we decided to venture to the North-East of Brussels to get our next fix. On our list: Friterie Miroir – also known as Spiegel Frites – on Place Miroir in Jette.

We were ravenous after having been for a long walk through the Bois du Laerbeek. But we had to be patient for a while: The queue was unexpectedly long for a Friterie on the edge of town. So while one of us bagged one of the sunny tables, the other stood in the line, watching the staff  make batches and batches of Fries. (As a classical Friterie, they do sell meat i.e. meatballs as well.)


This Friterie does Fries in various sizes (S, M, L). We opted for the large portion, which actually seemed a lot smaller than large portions at other friteries. We had our usaul fix with ketchup “à part”. (On the side, we don’t like them smothered!) And then it was time for the first bite. How was it? “Not bad, but no wow-experience” – was Philipp’s comment – it sums it up quite nicely. I was very disappointed with the first Frite, but that was probably just because my expectations were so high. (This Friterie had actually been featured in a New York Times article.)

They were too soft for my liking,  too slim and too perfect, not enough crunch and probably fried in a different fat as the ones at Maison Antoine. A plus point, however, were the tables in the sun. In the middle of this local district there was no tourist to be seen, just local shoppers. (Think: Hubby and wife, taking mum-in-law for an afternoon outing, young girls swinging their shopping bags.)

We probably won’t go back, but do give Friterie Miroir a try if you are in the area!

Friterie du Miroir, Place Reine Astrid, Brussels // Website

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