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Best Fries in Brussels Ranking #5


Note: For a little more than two years now we’ve been trying to find the best Fries in Brussels. We’ve tried numerous Friteries, most of them more than once (especially if we were not convinced the first time). Now it’s time for our (very subjective) ranking of The Best Fries in Brussels. For this ranking we focused mainly on the taste of the fries themselves and compared them with other equally tasty fries. Then we added things like atmosphere, price, etc. and decided who should be ranked higher.

Friterie Clementine is #5 in our ranking – you can find the full list with all the reviews here.

What was the first thing that caught our eye on Place St Job? The Friterie Clémentine. (I had actually read about the Friterie before on the internet. In some rankings it comes 2nd place after Maison Antoine on Place Jourdan.) It was in the afternoon, not long after lunch – and not really the typical time for Frites. But who cares?!

We ordered a large cornet and watched the young lad prepare the fries especially for us. (The other customers all ordered burgers or hot-dogs.) So how were the fries?

Definitely yummy. They were nice and crisp, but not töo crunchy. Solid 8 out of 10, I would say.  The downside was the way they were served. They came in a cone with a little pouch for the tomato sauce (or any other sauce that takes your fancy). This meant, however, that you couldn’t put the cone down.  Personally, I like to nibble away, the fries spread out in front of me – on the paper that comes wrapped around the paper cone. (If you have ever been to Maison Antoine you will know what I am talking about.)

At St. Job you can’t take the Frites to nearby bars – there aren’t really that many bars, more restaurants. But they have two large picnic-tables outside. If it is sunny it is pure bliss – expecially as the Square is rather nice. (You will find one or two nice boulangeries there, an organic shop, a butcher etc.)

By the way, if you ever feel peckish at night: On Fridays and Saturdays Friterie Clementine is open until 6 am in the morning.

Chez Clémentine, Place Saint-Job 40, Brussels // Website

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