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Best Fries in Brussels Ranking #1


Note: For a little more than two years now we’ve been trying to find the best Fries in Brussels. We’ve tried numerous Friteries, most of them more than once (especially if we were not convinced the first time). Now it’s time for our (very subjective) ranking of The Best Fries in Brussels. For this ranking we focused mainly on the taste of the fries themselves and compared them with other equally tasty fries. Then we added things like atmosphere, price, etc. and decided who should be ranked higher.

Maison Antoine is the winner of our ranking – you can find the full list with all the reviews here.

Whenever we have visitors in Brussels, I take them to Maison Antoine to have at least one portion of their famous fries. Not only because having fries and a Belgian beer is a quintessential experience nobody should miss when visiting Brussels, but also because I make use of every excuse I can get to make another visit to Antoine.

antoine (3)

In our search for the best fries in Brussels we have a tried a lot of friteries – just to find us saying, time and again, that, no matter how tasty they were, they were not quit as good as Antoine’s.

Now, we didn’t have a complicated scoring system for our ranking – there was no need for this, as Antoine was number 1 in each and every category. First and foremost, they are the tastiest fries in Brussels – end of story. Second, there is something to be said for the old-school style of this friterie: A little hut in the middle of Place Jourdan, surrounded by brasseries, where locals, expats and tourists enjoy fried snacks and beer side by side. That you are encouraged to bring your fries to most of the brasseries, adds to the special atmosphere here.

There is one downside, though: Antoine is located near the European institutions, it is quite famous and thus very popular with tourists and then there are the many locals that come here for the regular fix of fries. Add it up and you have long queues at lunchtime – and even longer ones at the weekend. Waiting in line for 45 minutes is not unusual here; our record time was a little over five quarters of an hour.

antoine (1)

That said, even the waiting can be fun here – we’ve had a number of nice chats with friendly people from all around the globe. And those times when the waiting was simply boring and we had started getting grumpy and promising ourselves that next time we would just go somewhere else – after the first few fries we’ve always felt that it was worth the wait …

Maison Antoine, Place Jourdan, Brussels // Website

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  1. Andrea

    Cheers to Maison Antoine! Our favorite as well. Don’t forget the sauces… oh, the sauces!

  2. Nina

    Antoine is indeed the most famous “fritkot” in Brussels but to my great disappointment I found out a few weeks ago that both the fries and their special sauce are not really homemade (fries come to them ready to cook and they add onion and some herbs to a ready-made cocktail sauce, report was on RTBF)…anyway still is the best to me !!

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