Best Ice Cream in Brussels
Five Flavours to try before Summer is over


If you ask me, the sign is right: Buying ice cream is the best substitute for buying happiness. We have tried a lot of the sweet stuff this summer, so we are confident you too will like or favourites. For this list of the best ice creams in Brussels, we have focused on flavours that you won’t find in many ice cream parlours; sometimes even in just one.


Gelateria Il Monello – Chocolate-Orange

This spot near Place Stephanie probably comes closest to a classic ice cream parlour – the decor is positively old school, and so is the blackboard outside depicting a happy kid with a cone. You can’t go wrong here with any flavours. My recommendation is the Dark Chocolate/Orange combination – it’s a true delight for chocolate lovers. Read our full review of Il Monello here.


Il Gelato – Speculoos

As it’s right in my daily stomping ground on Place Jourdan, I have visited Il Gelato many times. And without exception, every single time I went for their fabulous speculoos ice cream. I have had this flavour at a couple of other places – and none have been able to match the one served here. Even if you don’t like speculoos cookies, you should try this at least once. The full review of Il Gelato can be found here.


Capoue – Pamplemousse

On to the fruity stuff! At first I was rather sceptical, but the first lick converted me: Be nice to your taste-buds and let them have a taste of the pamplemousse ice cream at Capoue. You can find them all over the city, and their artisanal ice cream is always a treat. Full review here.


Comus and Gasterea – Kriek Bier

It may not be the most inviting store front, but don’t let that first impression scare you off: The folks at Comus and Gasterea know how to make great ice cream – and they are not afraid to tink out of the tub when it comes to flavours. Speculoos, Caramel Salé, Café Brulé – you don’t see those on the board in many other shops. Our favourite is more exotic still – and a very Belgian flavour at the same time: Kriek Bier, cherry-beer flavoured ice cream – very special, very refreshing. Read our full review here.



Mellow – Frozen Yoghurt

OK, so it may – technically – not really be ice cream. But for me Frozen Yoghurt falls in the same category – and it’s a nice alternative to ice cream. If you like FroYo as much as me, do yourself a favour and visit the friendly girls at Mellow. They do some mean Frozen Yoghurt, which is perfected by their varied choice of toppings. Plus, they have a very cute FroYo-Mini-Foodtruck as well. Full review here.

Do you (dis-)agree with our list? Have we missed anyting? Let us know about your favourite ice cream (and frozen yoghurt) places in Brussels, so we can include them in a future post!

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