Best of 2014
Our Favourites from the last Year


It’s been a remarkable year for us: We got a new blog design; we discovered lots and lots of new places in (and around) Brussels; and we got a lot of feedback from you as well as from other bloggers, some of who we met at the Brussels Food Friends event #3.

So let’s look back on the last 12 months – here’s a year-end review of our favourite new places and things in Brussels … 

Restaurants, Brunches, Friteries and the like …

One of the spots we have been coming back again and again (and again) this year is Yamato – simply because for us it’s still the best Ramen in town. The food tastes great and it’s a one-of-a-kind experience to wait and eat in that cosy little place. Keep in mind that it’s not possible to reserve and that you might have to wait a bit for your turn. In our experience it’s best to be there shortly before they open at 18.30 – or to be there for the “second round” at around 20.15.

Another favourite that we have grown very fond of this last year is the Brunch at Les Filles. It has gotten very (very!) popular in the last months, so our advice is to go there on Saturdays rather than Sundays and go there early (think 10.30 to 11) or very late (between 1 or 2) to avoid the crowds. We’ve been there numerous times and with many friends and visitors, all of whom were delighted by the Brunch experience.

We’ve also (finally!) in the last months found a new favourite Asian restaurant in Brussels: Meli Mely on Chaussée de Louvain, which is not our usual hunting ground, but well worth going if only for the food at Meli Mely. Try the Bipimbap, it’s delicious!!


If you follow our blog, you probably noticed our Ranking of the Best Fries in Brussels. Our pick at number 1, Maison Antoine, has drawn some criticism – but that’s what rankings are for, right? We’ve already tried a couple of new friteries (and re-visited some of the ‘old’ ones), so there will definititely be a revised Fries-Ranking in the new year!

We’ve also tried a couple of Cafes and breakfast-spots: Particularly charming was the Brother & Sister Cafe in Uccle; as a great place for getting some work done we like the Workshop Cafe on Avenue Louise; and for a little trip to Croissant Heaven we would whole-heartedly recommend going to Bakery Charli near Place St. Catherine in the centre of Brussels.

Beer, Brasseries and Cocktails …

Yes, we have also discovered a few new watering holes, the most stylish of which undoubtedly is the Crystal Lounge at the Sofitel between Porte de Namur and Louise, where you can cocktails that are great both in tastes and looks. Not so much into cocktails? Then go and have one or two (or three?) beers at Moeder Lambic, where you will old favourites as well as rare brews.

Of course, you don’t have to go anywhere to drink a glass or two of good Belgian beers. You can just as easily have them at home. Not sure which to buy? Have a look at our Beer Page, where this year alone we have added more than 25 new beers. All in all, we’re rapidly approaching the 100th edition of our beloved “Thirsty Thursday” category – stay tuned for more Belgian beer posts in 2015!

Outings & sights in and around Brussels

Still one of our favourite things to do on Sundays is going to the Midi Market for crepes-eating and grocery shopping. We’ve also come to like the Market on Place Flagey on weekends, and the Sunday Market at Place Jourdan is, though rather small, also worth mentioning. (Have we mentioned that you can combine a trip to the market with a visit at Maisone Antoine?)

Because you sometimes need a break even from your favourite city, we did some day trips around Brussels as well. Probably the most positive surprise was our visit to the Coloma Castle & Rose Garden: Although it’s easy to reach from Brussels by Public Transport, there were few people when we visited one sunny Saturday. So let’s keep it our little secret, ok?

And then there’s some more …


Last but not least we have to mention our favourite addition in the kitchen: Our new Le Creuset casserole, which provided us with good food and lots of fun while doing the recipe for the BFF casserole contest. What’s BFF you ask? It’s the Brussels Food Friends network, which brings together bloggers, chefs, etc. If you haven’t discovered their site yet, it’s about time – there’s lots to read and many links to other great Brussels Blogs.

Have a good start into the new year (we will start with an all-new Thirsty Thursday on January 1st) and make sure to check back in 2015 – there’s still a lot on our list to discover in Brussels!