Best of: The Tastes of September
Our Discoveries in Recent Weeks


Missed anything on the blog in September? Here are the highlights of our most recent discoveries – including great Turkish pizza, some very tasty fries, heavenly tiramisu, a new food market – and the best ice cream in Brussels.

If you ask me, there is never a bad time for a sweet treat. So, logically, there is never a bad time for good tiramisu: We tried the treat at Lasagna Tiramisù and were very satisfied. You can read all about it in this recent post.

Feeling brave enough to defy the autumn weather? Then why not prolong summer with a sweet delight usually preserved for the sunshine days: Ice Cream. We recently posted our very own subjective top five in this post here – do you agree?


We had two new and very different restos on the blog in September: One rather stylish, the other more down-to-earth, both with pretty good food.

Lale Pizza has us coming back for more again and again. It’s in the not-so-hip area of Schaerbeek, but the authentic Turkish pizza is always worth the trip.


You can’t go wrong at the Marcel Burger Bar near Chatelain, either; although we did wonder why it’s a bar, and, even more so, why they didn’t put anything more special on the menu to really blow us away. Full review here.


Our search for the best fries in Brussels continued in Uccle: Chez Eugene convinced us not only with their no-nonsense atmosphere, but also with their very tasty fries.


There’s a new market in town: The Foodmet Food Hall compliments the “old” weekend market in Anderlecht. We think it has a lot of potential.

Keep on tasting Brussels!

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