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Best Fish and Chips in Town


When it comes to Fish & Chips, I can be a bit picky. Ok, not a bit. Very picky. Firstly, because over the years I had lots and lots of really good ones in the UK and, secondly, because I pride myself with making decent Fish & Chips myself.

So when I read about a new Chips shop in Brussels called Bia Mara (I could have sworn it was on the lovely A Bee and Toe Blog, but when I searched for it there now I couldn’t find it) I was a bit sceptical at first, but willing to give it a try.

I was not disappointed.

You could say it was love first sight – if such a thing exists with restaurants.

The place is small, but in a cosy way, and the staff was exceptionally friendly from the minute we walked in. The menu is not too big, but you still have enough to choose: fish or chicken (you can also have cheese or asparagus instead), one of the homemade sauces (Chipotle, Lemon Cajun, Garlic Truffle, …), one of the homemade salts (seaweed, balsamic & red onion, garlic & chili) – and of the sides, which include mushy peas baked beans, red slaw, lemon & fennel potato salad and, of course homemade chips.

I went for the Cajun style fish, the lemon Cajun sauce and the seaweed-salted chips – which was amongst the tastiest combinations of Fish & Chips I ever had. Especially the Cajun flavoured batter was a real treat.

Bia Mara, Rue du Marché aux Poulets 41, Brussels //

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  1. photosbyp

    One of the best meals I ate in Brussels! I went back within the week I think, haha. I have to say the regular fish and chips was better than their chicken, but even that was tasty.

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