Bla Bla Gallery
Strange Name, Decent Brunch


With all the markets around town I must admit that we have become somewhat lazy. Instead of going out for Brunch in Brussels we prefer to lounge about at home: With good food and magazines. However, the other (Sun)day we decided to  kick ourselves out of the flat. We went to BlaBla & Gallery for a full Brunch Buffet. (Ok, it wasn’t quite as spontaneous as it sounds: We had planned the visit. And that was a good thing: Reserving a table is highly recommended!)

So what and where is BlaBla & Gallery?  (I don’t quite see how you can call a place BlaBla. It makes me think of boring people rambling on. Luckily, our two friends that joined us were the contrary.) BlaBla & Gallery is a restaurant/café/bar in the district of the Marolles (Rue de Capucins 55).  We walked all the way from Etterbeek and I must admit we were very hungry when we got there. What a pleasant surprise to be greated by a huge buffet!

There definitely was a lot to choose from. However, at a closer look, I must say I wasn’t too chuffed with cold, overdone Broccoli for breakfast!And the Baked Beans were served cold and as part of the salad-bar, weird…Didn’t quite understand that. But there definitely were some yummy treats on offer: Cold cut meats, cheeses, waffles, crepes, scrambled egg, bacon, quiche (cold), antipasti, and cakes. Ooooh, yummy, sticky and on the brimm to being sickly brownies!!!

We had a great time. BlaBla & Gallery is a good place to meet friends on a Sunday noon. Note: If you are looking for breakfast you might be disappointed. The Brunch doesn’t start till 11.30 am. It lasts till 3:30 pm, but you will probably be done before. BlaBla & Gallery It isn’t the cosiest of Brunch-Places. I prefer the type of café that has comfy arm-chairs. The main theme at BlaBla&Gallery  is held in (intense) red. when we were there, they were playing lounge music.

Bla Bla Gallery, Rue du Capucins 55, Brussels //