Brasserie Verschueren
1930s Watering Hole in St. Gilles


On arriving in Brussels it took us a while to warm with the area Saint Gilles. Then, after a couple of visits to the Parvis St. Gilles and the Market on Place Van Meenen, this quartier started to grow on us. We love Oma, Moeder Lambic and La Porteuse d’eau. And then one day, on one of our strolls through the area, we decided to give the Brasserie Verschueren (Parvis de St. Gilles 11) a try.

It was only after we had sat down on one of the wobbly tables on the terrace that we noticed how charming this brasserie is. It has a trendy but relaxed air to it. Think Café Belga – but half as overrun. They have a rather good selection of beer (written on a board above the bar, so no need to ask for the menu!). We prefer sitting outside on a mild day. But if you are inside (even if only to check the beer menu) make sure to have a look around. This bar is an Art-Deco-Gem – mixed with lots of vintage elements.

Depending on the day, you might also be served by a rather comical waiter: Our garcon wasn’t the youngest (and maybe not the most sober). He was dashing back and forth between the bar and the tables outside on the square. More than once he nearly missed the curb. It reminded us a lot of the German TV-Production “Dinner for One”.

Brasserie Verschueren, Parvis St. Gilles, Brussels // Facebook-Page

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  1. Cornel

    Verschueren is probably one of the best brasseries in Saint – Gilles and in my opinion the most laid-back in the Parvis (noticeable by the vast magnitude of types of patrons elbowing together). I can recommend the croques (but not their soup!) and the plain gueuze to start off a good day 😉

    1. Philipp

      Thanks for the recommendation! We have only had drinks at Verschueren, but a nice croque is always a good idea 🙂

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