Brother & Sister Cafe
Cute Family Affair in Uccle


Every now and then, you find beauty in places you didn’t expect. Like in the peaceful but rather unspectacular residential area of Uccle. If you are on your way (back) to (from) an outing to the outskirts of town, you won’t find many reasons for stopping along the long, long Rue Edith Cavell. There is one good reason, though: The Brother & Sister Cafe/Resto at number 178.

Decorated in white and baby blue, this is a cute little mix between a cafe, a patisserie and a restaurant (that is only open for lunch).  If you come for tea, coffee and cake keep your fingers crossed that the corner with the two comfy chairs and the little coffee table is free – otherwise you will have to make do with the resto tables/chairs, which are nice too, but not nearly as comfortable.

In that corner you will also find a pinboard with pictures of – yes, you guessed it! – brothers and sisters. If you’ve always wanted to pin a picture of you and your sibling(s) to a restaurant wall – this is the place to do it.

They also do Sunday brunch, though not every week, so make sure to call and check; the website is not very up-to-date.

Brother & Sister Cafe, Rue Edith Cavell 178 // Website

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  1. smarksthespots

    I’ve been meaning to check this place for a very long time but having seen the pictures, I will definitely go very soon! It looks very cute!

    1. philipp

      Go, it’s very cute indeed! We were there for late pre-lunch coffee and the lunch looked delicious, too!

  2. Denzil

    What a cute little place, just inviting you in. What was the food like though?

    1. philipp

      It looked quite tasty, but we only had coffee …

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