Brugge Tripel
Green Trees and Great Beer


Unlike Brugse Zot, Brugge tripel is no longer brewed within the city. The independent family brewery group, Palm Breweries, took over the Golden Tree (De Gouden Boom) brewery in 2001, thereby expanding their range of top fermented beers into the connoisseur section. The brewery was closed in 2004 and production was relocated to the main brewery in Steenhuffel. 

The character of this traditional Brugge beer, spicy, potent and bitter sweet,  has remained unchanged. The beer has a pale golden-blond colour and a thick head which leaves a lace pattern on the glass. A smokey phenolic aroma comes from the typical Brugge yeast.

The taste is first of all full bodied and bitter. Wait a bit and the malt sweetness and phenolic smokiness increasingly comes through with just a hint of peppery spice. The 8.7% alc. Vol. and 17.9° Plato (extract content) speak for themselves.

This really is a beer to savour; it’s definitely going on my list of favourites!

Interesting fact number one: De Gouden Boom is a well known symbol of the medieval city of Brugge. In 1468, on the occasion of the wedding of Charles the Bold with Margaret of York, a jousting tournament was held in the “Grote Markt”. The winner was given a golden tree as a trophy.

Interesting fact number two: Palm Breweries is unique as it is the only brewery group in the world brewing authentic Belgian beers using four methods of fermentation: top – mixed – spontaneous – bottom fermentation .