Brugse Babbelaar Blonde
A Blonde with a Big Mouth


I first came across the Proef brewery when I was looking at the start up of Dilewyn’s (Vicaris); since 1996 they have specialised in brewing in relatively small batches (10 to 140 HL) for third parties. A great way for beer entrepreneurs to develop their recipes and bring their beers to the market.

Brugse Babbelaar Blonde is produced according to the recipe developed by Regnier De Muynck and the Het Bierpaleis in Brugge. The name Babbelaar and the big mouth on the label relate to the tongue loosening qualities of alcohol.

Not that this is unduly strong (6.5%), but it’s a good try at attracting attention.

I’m always dubious of such ploys so I wasn’t expecting wonders; at best a solid blonde.

Brugse Babbelaar Blonde looks OK in the glass; cloudy pale golden with a foamy white head. The aroma is not intense; sweetish with malt and spicy yeast in the background.

The taste is typical middle of the road blonde; citrusy fruit tang up front mellowing into a balanced sweet malt and fruit blend with just a hint of bitterness. The follow through tends more towards sweet.
An average, drinkable blonde that doesn’t stand out; why search for this when Affligem, Grimbergen and Leffe are everywhere?