Brussels Beer Project: Delta
Crowd-Funded Belgian Brew


I once asked someone what their favourite beer was and they answered, ‘free beer.’ Stand in line if you’re just a beer drinker; you’ll get something mass produced and hopefully drinkable. If you’re a true beer connoisseur then the nearest thing to free beer was recently offered by the Brussels Beer Project with their crowd funding to establish a new micro breewery in Brussels.

The Beer Project was established in 2013 when four beers were created as prototypes (alpha, beta, gamma and delta). Delta was judged to be the best and a crowd funding project was started to enable it to be commercially brewed and for further beers to be developed.

The idea proved so successful that a second crowd funding was started to fund the building of a microbrewery in Brussels. The idea was simple: funders would donate 160 euros and in return they would receive 12 beers a year for the rest of their life. As I said, the next best thing to free beer for beer connoisseurs!

By the close of the funding 1200 beer lovers had committed to the idea and the brewery became a reality. Production from the new 500 m² site is planned for the the end of August with an output of approx. 2000 hl., that’s about 600,000 bottles so the 14,400 bottles for the funders can be easily accomodated!

The plan is to brew 20 new beers a year and as with Delta for the best to then be brewed commercially together with Brewery Anders (a new brewery established in 2012 to brew beer in small batches exclusively for third parties).

Where else could I start than to share my views concerning the first best of the bunch: Delta.

A hazy golden colour with a reasonable white head, leaving some lacing in the glass. The aroma is citrus with fresh grass and herbs ( basil and mint). The taste is crisp and biscuity dry with a bit of saison citrus tang, a good bitterness ( Challenger, Smaragd and Citra hops) exotic fruit and pepper. At 6.5% alc. Vol. just the right amount of kick.

A very good and enjoyable IPA; I’m looking forward to review many more beers from this marvellous and successful project.