Brussels Beer Project
A new Brewery born out of a great Idea


The story of the Brussels Beer Project includes many elements that – at least in my view – any good story should have: An idea that at first may seem a little (or a lot) crazy, but turns out to be genius; a happy ending (or at least a positive development) – and, of course, beer. Also, it’s crowdfunded, and that’s kinda cool, don’t you think?


The idea is that you pay 160 € once – and in exchange receive 12 bottles of beer each year, for the rest of your life (as long as the Beer Project exists, one would presume). So, yes, it was a bit a of a gamble – but one that could easily pay off for the supporters.

It worked: In 2013 the project raised enough money to brew their first beers – one of them being Delta, which we reviewed here -, and now it has also helped to finance their new brewery in Brussels.


Even though they are brewing now on a grander scale, there is still a lot of community thought behind the project: Each year, several new brews are being made, tasted – and then the community can decide which one will become permanent.

I like the idea; and I also like their beer.

At the opening day a couple of weeks ago in Rue Dansaert, we had a look inside the brewery, where from now on each year a total of 750.000 bottles shall be filled.

There were also a couple of special beers on offer; my favourite for the day: The Bloody Pumpkin, a deep amber beer with, well, pumpkin. If you are looking to try one of their classics, aside from Delta we can also recommend the Dark Sister IPA.

See below for more pics from the opening; go check out their website (link at the bottom), and if you can have a look inside the brewery yourself one day!





Brussels Beer Project, Rue Dansaert 188, Brussels // Website