A Beer Temple for Brussels
But you'll have to wait until 2018


There are many places in Brussels you could justifiably call a Temple of Beers – many brasseries are worthy of that title, as well as shops like the Beer Planet or Beer Mania.

But in a couple of years, Brussels will get a proper Beer Temple, with an architecture more fitting for a temple, though not neccessarily connected to Beer. The Brussels city authorities have given the green light for the Beer Temple to open in the Stock Exchange building in 2018, as deredactie.be reports. More information in their story here.


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  1. jasonmaltose

    Now I have yet another reason to travel to Brussels someday!

    1. philipp

      You should not wait until 2018, though, to come to Brussels!

      1. jasonmaltose

        I will certainly try to travel there in the next few years. My girlfriend is always raving about how much she loved visiting Brussels when she was younger.

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