Burger Republic
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Around Place Flagey, there is an abundance of restaurants offering quick and reasonably priced food. There is so much on offer, that it might well be that you have already been there for a couple of meals without noticing the Burger Republic at the corner of Flagey and Chaussee de Vleurgart (just behind Mamma Roma). Given the number of restaurants, it would not be a surprise – but it would be a shame, still, because you would have missed one of the better burgers in town.

The Burger Republic does not feature the retro-American-50s-design that defines many other burger places. Instead, the interior is simple, rather dark, but not in an unwelcoming way. What the place lacks in design, it makes up on the menu – although that, too, is kept simple.

You can have the classics like hamburger, cheesburger – but you can also go for the ‘healthy’ option and pass on the bun. Or, you can go the other way and ‘spice up’ your burger, ordering extra bacon and – a nice, Australian-style touch – grilled pepper.

I went for the classic hamburger with extra bacon and grilled red pepper and was not disappointed. The meat was cooked as ordered (well done) and tasty, the rest of the ingredients seemed fresh. The accompanying fries were ok, but nothing special; the same goes for the sauce that was inside the burger. Overall, it’s definitely better-than-average, one of the better burgers in Brussels – but not top of the list.

The service is a (not so) friendly reminder that you are in Belgium and not in America: It’s very slow, not attentive at all – and, as so often in Brussels, I had to ask for the bill three times before – after waiting for 10 minutes – I ended up going straight to the counter to pay.

Burger Republic, Chaussée de Vleurgat 7, Brussels // www.burgerrepublic.be