Café Belga
Hotspot on Place Flagey


I remember our first days in Brussels very well. My friend – who unfortunately has left Brussels in the meantime – was showing us around. We wandered down Chaussee d’Ixelles and came to Flagey with it’s many bars and cafés, its Frites-Stand and the two ponds that I now love jogging around.

At first sight, I didn’t see what Flagey was about. And I most certainly didn’t understand why the Café Belga was classed a local hotspot. Ok, the Flagey-building does look rather extraordinary, reminds me of the late 1950s (with a slightly Eastern European flair to it.) The buildings are bold and grey, however, one has tried to revamp the square. In summer it’s quite a lively place, with kids mucking around on the square and locals trying to catch some of that rare sun.

Admittedly, the Café Belga was full on that very first night I saw it. (I recall the weather was nice and people were sitting outside.) Since then I have walked (or ran) passed the Belga loads of times. And I also have had the odd drink there myself.

What to expect? Some people say it’s “a cool place for cool people”. I am reluctant to describe it as that. Those, who mightn’t consider themselves cool, may not feel welcomed. But to the contrary: Everybody is welcome at Belga Café. And you will see all different types: Eurocrats wearing suits, alternative students or some jazzy looking people from the arts/creative industry. It seems to be a good place for freelancers to hang out. In the morning you will find poeple with their laptops, sipping coffees. And they do great fruit juices, too. My acquaintance ordered a Jus Creole that tasted sweet and mainly of bananas. She seemed to enjoy it  (at 3,90 a glass). I like to order a fresh mint tea or a glass of wine at the bar (the Belga is always full, so it’s selfservice.) The waiter was a young, friendly chap. All in all a place you feel quite comfortable in.

However, the downside is that it can get quite noisy. It’s not the place you come for a romantic night out. And it probably isn’t too good for a first date, as you might find yourself shouting at each other.

Still, definitely a hotspot. A place you should have been and seen.

(By the way: On Sunday they have live Jazz Music at Belga)

Café Belga, Place Eugène Flagey 18 // Facebook-Page