Café du Sablon
Café de la Presse's little sister


If you are a regular customer of Cafe de la Presse on Avenue Louise, you might be delighted to hear that you can enjoy a similar vibe in the city centre as well: A while ago the people behind Cafe de la Presse opened their newest branch: Cafe du Sablon

Located on the Rue de la Regence, it has Place du Petit Sablon on its side and, permitting traffic is not too heavy, you can get a good look at Eglise Notre-Dame du Sablon on the other side of the street. The location is great – especially if you are out shopping or sightseeing. A cozy café like this is just what the Sablon-area was lacking. cafedusablon3

You will find here the usual Starbucks-like choice of coffee/tea/skinny soja vanilla extra chai latte paired with more variety of muffins, brownies and cake than could possibly be any good for your waistline. Just like at Cafe de la Presse, you can also enjoy lunch or a light (and early) dinner here – the salads we can vouch for, and the sandwiches look tasty as well.

The interior is quite nice, with an all-around modern feel to it, despite the retro-style not-quite-matching chairs all over the place.

Speaking of which: you might have to switch around a couple of times until you find one that feels comfortable for you – we tried a lot of them and most were simply too small and/or not high enough for normal-size grown-ups to sit in. It’s not the only reason why the overall relax-factor would be the one thing to criticize: Although there were a lot of free tables and unused chairs when we visited, the place felt packed. Too little distance to the next-table neighbours here, too little space to walk through there – not to mention that two people constantly had to get up from their table next to the little staircase that leads to the toilets …

Our advice: go there if you need a quick coffee break or cafe lunch in the city, or if you are looking for a place to have a business meeting in a small group. Want to meet friends for a relaxed chat or go for a coffee with babys/kids? Then do take the tram and head out to Avenue Louise for Cafe de la Presse.

Café du Sablon, Rue de la Régence 26, Brussels // Facebook-Page