Ice-Cream from the Ardennes

capoue2Waffles, Chocolates, Cuberdons. You might think that with all these sweet treats you won’t be craving that much Ice-Cream in Brussels. Well, you are wrong. As the temperatures rise the queues build up outside the Ice-Cream parlour. As we live near Place Jourdan we usually pop out to have a Speculoos Ice-Cream at Il Gelato (belongs to the Prego Restaurant). But obviously that get’s a bit monotonous after a while. Then we love to join the queue at Capoue on the corner of Place Flagey. 

It took us a while to try Capoue. We prefer small hole-in-the-wall places to big chains. Yes, Capoue is a chain. The Ice-Cream Makers from the Ardennes Forrest have got a whole string of shops in Belgium. (And on their website you can even apply to open a shop yourself.) But the brand itself does originate from one of these small two-people-businesses: Two Italians founded it in the 194os.


It is great to go to Capoue if you are feeling in the mood for a wide spread of flavours. From chocolatey to fruity – you definitely will go satisfied. Our favourite flavour here is Pamplemousse. It has a great sweet-and- sour balance to it and this flavour is rather rare in Brussels. The Ice-Cream texture is great, creamy and no icy flakes inside.


The shop on Flagey doesn’t open till after lunchtime on most days. And please note that it is a seasonal shop: Only open from Spring-Autumn. You can find all the other Capoue-stores on their website, I really want to give Capoue in Bois de la Cambre a try one of these days.

Capoue, Rue Lebroussart 2, Brussels //

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