Charli Bakery
Heaven in the centre of Brussels


Croissants – yes, we know, they are not the healthiest breakfast. But let’s be honest: Croissants are one of the BEST ways to start the day. We have quite a few great boulangeries close to our flat (Allemeersch, Au Vatel), that’s why it took us a while to summon up the energy to go into town to Charli on Rue Sainte-Catherine. I wish we had gone earlier!

We had seen this bakery a couple of times – mostly at the wrong time of day (just after we had stocked up on chocolates or had a plate of scallops and shrimps at Mer du Nord.) Then, recently, we decided to give Charli a try for breakfast. Fantastic idea! We were running a bit late and got there just about 10:15. Turned out, that was a great time, as most people were just finishing and leaving. There are only four tables!

Obviously, Charli has more on offer than just croissants: There is a wide selection of cakes and viennoisseries. But we went for the easy choice: Two croissants, coffee, orange juice, jam…. What a treat!The lovely thing was, that the croissants were still warm and soft and greasy.

Definitely worth trying. As we had jam left over (the croissants are so yummy, you don’t really need any additional flavour!), we ordered a little pistolet, basically just a bread roll, for 60 Cent.

Next time we will give the other goodies a try: The pains au chocolat looked fab, so did the Almond-Croissants. It seems as if all the products are made on sight: When you go down to the toilets in the basement you pass the bakers…. I was rather tempted to nick one of the meringues cooling on the racks 🙂
Boulangerie Charli, Rue Sainte-Catherine 34, Brussels //