Chez Bernard
Our local bar on Place Jourdan

I know I have mentioned it before, but I can’t say it often enough: The great thing about Place Jourdan is that you can take your Frites into the surrounding cafés. However, how to chose from all those bars?

Previously I have written about places like First or L’Autobus. Today I want to tell you about my favourite bar on the square: Is it called L’Esperance or Chez Bernard? Chez Bernard actually is the place next door (a restaurant). But there seems to be some kind of connection between the two venues. This bar/café is really laid back. After entering you pass the bar where you are expected to order. (According to my observations it’s only the tourists who ask for a menu and then order.)

So walk in, order “un café” or “un coca light” and find yourself a seat – preferably in the front, darker part. (I love the benches on the wall!)  Further to the back is a conservatory – but I don’t find it half as nice there.

Around lunchtime and in the evening it gets rather full in here, but if you stay clear of these rush hours you can spend a relaxed hour or two. Nobody will toss you out if you are in the middle of a good book or your weekly magazine. Note: I wouldn’t call this place cosy with lounge-atmosphere! (If you are looking for armchairs as in a Starbucks you won’t be too happy around Place Jourdan.) But it is authentic! Plus: The prices are very reasonable.

Chez Bernard, Place Jourdan, Brussels // No website