Chez Franz
Down to Earth Brunch


As it sometimes happens with the Belgian Beers we review, what drew my attention to this place was its name: Chez Franz. Sounds like a cool combination of French and German, right? (Austria’s last emperor was named Franz, so the picture that pops into my mind is, of course, the one of an old man with a grand white beard …)

Chez Franz is a cool combination in other ways, too: It’s a café in the morning, a resto during the day and a relaxed watering hole in the evenings – never closing before midnight. And on the weekend, it’s a nice spot for Brunch.


A fair word of ‘warning’: If you are looking for a lavish buffet brunch, or something truly extraordinary, then Chez Franz probably is not for you.

Everybody else will find a nicely balanced menu offering set brunches ranging from petit (very classic: coffee/tea, bread/pastry – 6€) to grand (including a glass of bubbly, eggs & bacon etc – 18€) with several options in between.


Alternatively, you can also order a la carte and piece together your perfect brunch combo for the day. Prices are reasonable and most of the dishes are classics. All in all, this is a solid down-to-earth brunch affair.


The service overall was quite friendly. One thing that bothered our group, though, was that we got a shared bread basket with was pretty tiny for 5 people, and so we had to ask for more bread time and again, which was a bit cumbersome … Still: friendly service here, too.

Chez Franz, Avenue du Haut-Pont 30, Brussels // Website