Chez le Grec
Relax with Frites in Anderlecht


As our quest for good Belgian Frites continues, we decided to venture out to the Friterie “Chez le Grec” in Anderlecht. Now it’s not exactly around the corner from us, but it definitely was worth the Metro-trip and short walk from the Station Jacques Brel.

You emerge from the underground onto a small street. Most of the people are either on their way home or heading to the hospital located only a couple of metres from the stop. Not many will have come just to  go to the “baraque”, the Frites-stand further along, just before a small roundabout. From afar we actually thought that the shiny, metal block was a public toilet. But we soon noticed the difference in smell. The smell of hot, fresh frites wafted toward us.

As we were there in off-peak time the owner had some time to talk to us. The Friterie is run by a Greek-Turkish couple. Some people might have their doubts whether foreigners can make great Belgian Frites. But here is the answer (from a foreigner herself, admittedly): YES, they can.


The texture and size of the chips was great, the helping we had more than generous. Only after ordering did the owner warn us that the portions are huge. Nevertheless, we finished two large “raviers” (=dishes) and sat in the sun rubbing our full bellies.

This is the  lovely thing about Friterie “Chez le Grec”: They have a couple of tables and chairs out on the street in the sunshine. Obviously you get your Frites served on a plastic tray and in a cardboard container, but somehow it still does feel as if you were at a little restaurant.


In the window they have the odd newspaper article. More than once local media has praised these Frites. Rightly so.  Personally Chez le Grec just might be one of my favourite Fritkots in town. I just wish I weren’t that lazy and could get there more often.

Friterie Chez le Grec, Square des Vétérans Coloniaux, Brussels // Facebook-Page

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