Chocolatier Bruyerre
Good chocolates, great price

We sure love our chocolates! But how much is chocolate really worth? Somehow we just can’t bring ourselves to spending 80 €/Kg on chocolate. That’s why we have tried to hunt down reasonably priced chocolatiers in town. Leonidas is a good option – with a wide selection (250 g for about 6 Euro). But Leonidas is very, very mainstream. Maison Bruyerre is a good alternative.

The shop near the Grand Place is open until rather late, so you can even shop after dinner or the cinema. Normally the staff is quite friendly – and sometimes you even get a free treat. (Such as candied ginger dipped in chocolate.) We normally go for the 250g box that costs around 9,50 Euro. This box fits about 15 pralinés.

The only downside is that the selection is a bit limited, there aren’t that many dark chocolates – which is a shame. Otherwise though they are really nice. They aren’t as hard and solid as the pralinés at Leonidas or Godiva, more fluffy inside – most of the pralinés seem to have a creamy filling.

Out favourites: A white chocolate praliné with a milk-chocolate mousse inside. Also: an orange-chocolate praliné. The truffles are really good too.

Maison Bruyerre, 47 Rue au Beurre and Grand Place, Brussels //

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