Chocolatier Elisabeth
Touristy chocolate shop in the city centre


A while ago we recommended Mary’s Chocolates  –  a small, local chocolatier near the Grand Place which is a nice alternative to the big-brand chocolate shops.

Here we would like to introduce you to another one of those small chocolate heavens: Chocolatier Elisabeth, which is even closer to the (touristy) city centre.

Located on Rue au Beurre 43, it’s  just around the corner from the Grand Place and close to the tourist information centre.

It’s a tiny shop with the usual offer:  Pre-packed seasonal sweets (Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day …), whole blocks of Nougat – and a reasonable selection of pralines. You can choose them yourself, obviously in any quantity you like. 

We went for a small, mixed bag: The pralines were good – but not necessarily exceptional. The price was comparable to that of  big-brand shops (roughly between 60 and 90 cents per piece). So far, so good.

What was not so good was the service. The two shop assistants didn’t seem to keen. Maybe we were customers 4.998 and 4.999 on that day – at least that’s the way their service felt. It took them some time to realise we actually wanted to  buy something, and then – without any form of greeting – one of them just said, rather quickly: “Ok, tell me!”, without even looking up from the counter.

We chose some pralines, paid and left – with a bag of quality chocolate, but without the nice feeling you get in so many  of the other chocolate shops.

Our advice: Go there if you have tried all the others and are desperate for something new. (If you go: the irish-coffee and the dark-ginger pralines were our favourites!) Otherwise, don’t worry about missing this one!

Elisabeth Chocolatier, Rue au Beurre 43, Brussels //

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  1. Christophe

    I have to say that my personal experience at Elisabeth Chocolatier was totally different. I went to the main shop (the one at Rue au Beurre, I think) during the Easter weekend and even if the “Chocolaterie” was really (I mean REALLY) crowed, everyone received flawless welcome and greetings.
    The service was more than Okay, me and my friends were able to get some nice advices and suggestions.. and most important: they let you taste almost all of their products!!! I mean, who does that nowadays?! Great.
    The quality for me it’s like Marcolini, clearly higher than the other chocolate shop.
    It will be a pleasure to come back there next time I’ll be in Brussels!
    Bye :-)

  2. Ludwine

    We would love to apologize for the unpleasant experience you had in our shop Elisabeth. We are working hard to create a good vibe and a visit where the needs and wishes of our clients are the most important thing. We are sorry to hear that your visit didn’t corresponded with those standards.
    Therefore we would like to thank you to point out that weakness. It is our goal to improve all the time. We love to invite you to come and visit us again. So you get the pleasant experience you deserve.
    Kind regards,

  3. philipp

    Thanks for your comment! We will certainly come and visit again & hopefully we will have the same pleasant experience that Christophe described in his comment.

  4. Theresa

    Last week while strolling through the streets around Grand Place in Brussels, I was drawn into Chocolatier Elisabeth by the beautiful window display. I had already purchased chocolate bars at another shop, but when the friendly staff greeted me with smiles and encouraged me to take a sample from the fresh white porcelain plate, I was hooked. I spied a local selecting some favorites, so I inquired about those choices thinking my husband might like something special. Offering to purchase “just one” of the whiskey balls in order to have a taste, the clerk smiled and insisted I try one for free. Unbelievable. Indescribable. “I’ll take six, please; make that a dozen.” Now back home in Tennessee, my husband shares my reaction…”Oh wow, that’s absolutely fantastic. I can taste the whisky, but it’s not overpowering. Can we order some more of these?” Thank goodness they sealed the little box with a gold label that not only had the shop name, but address. I don’t know what it will cost to ship a couple of pounds of those whiskey balls across the pond, but I am about to find out. Guess what will be in his Christmas stocking.

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