Chocolatier Irsi
Sweet Treats on Rue du Bailli

On our frequent visits to the area of Chatelain we have walked past this litte sweet shop a number of times. And now finally we also have been inside IRSI. This isn’t your usual chocolatier – if you are looking for pralinés there probably are other places to go to. (However, they do have a small selection which I will give a try some time.)

Irsi has a lot of little gift wrapped assortments i.e. cups or ceramic dishes filled with chocolates. They have some hardboiled sweets too and I also spotted chocolate covered ginger sticks. Yummy. We went for the Pain d’epices, however. This is a Belgian speciality, a dry cake (that’s why they call it bread) with spices you would find in a traditional Lebkuchen. (Think cinnamon, cloves, honey.) If you are out for a special treat buy pain d’epices with sugar on top, glazed or with chocolate chips… At Irsi the honey-bread was obviously more expensive than the blocks you get at the supermarket – but well worth it. Very yummy! If you store  it in a cake tin, it will keep for a couple of days.

Chocolatier Irsi, Rue du Bailli 15, Brussels //

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