Great Pralines on Grand Sablon


The Place du Grand Sablon seems to be the epicentre of Pralines in Brussels: You have the chains Neuhaus, Godiva and Leonidas, high-end manufacturer Pierre Maccolini, and just round the corner there is also the very recommendable café by Frederic Blondeel.

Tasting your way through this chocolate heaven takes some time, which is why we only recently stopped by at Wittamer‘s. 

They have a café at Grand Sablon, but the real treat is in the chocolate shop a couple of doors along. We asked the (very friedly) shopkeeper to guide us through the dark-filled pralines – and, boy, did he guide us!

Without hesitation he informed us about the contents of ~25 different pralines and helped us find the ones we were looking for. The variety seemed a tad bigger than at most competitors (you can find the full selection here). We were so amazed that in the end we completely forgot about the non-dark ones – which means we will definitely be coming back for more!

Apart from the great service, the chocolates were also truly wonderful. Our favourites, since you ask, were the dark ones filled with ginger and cinnamon. Mmmmmmh!!

Chocolatier Wittamer, Place du Grand Sablon 12-13, Brussels // www.wittamer.com

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