Chocolatier Edouard
Orval Beer Pralines from Florenville


In the southern part of Belgium, where France is just across the border and Luxembourg and Germany are not too far away either, lies a little gem, that many people living in Brussels have surely heard of, but too few have visited: The Abbey of Orval, famous for its trappist beer, which we have describe in an earlier post (more on trappist beer here).

Naturally, the fame of Orval and its beer have made their mark on the area and on the tourist business there. Apart from the beer itself, you can buy glasses, pens, postcards, t-shirts, books …

But, this being Belgium, you can also buy a very special kind of souvenir – which in most cases won’t last very long: Pralines with Orval beer.

We discovered them when – after visiting the abbey in Orval – we stopped in the small town of Florenville. Les Chocolats d’Edouard is right in the ‘city centre’, if you can call it that. The cafe was full, so we just bought some pralines for the road. They had the usual selection of light and dark ones – and their speciality, the Orval pralines.

They were nice, not too creamy, and not too intense on the beer either. To be honest, if I had not known they were made with Orval, I probably would not have noticed. Still, they are special – and you can always compensate for the lack of beer-flavour in the chocolate with a proper Orval out of the bottle.

Chocolatier Edouard, Place Albert 1er 36, Florenville //

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