The Italian Food Bike

cibacco4Lunch breaks can get a bit stressful at times. You are pushed for time as it is, and then the service at your local restaurant or bistro just seems to take for hours. You end up wolfing down your lunch and asking for the bill while still chewing the last bite.

Personally, I prefer to be less dependent on waiters in stressful situations. But what are the options? Yes, there is your packed lunch – but even that can get a bit boring at times. Now, however, we were invited by the guys from Cibacco to give their very inventive Food Bike-concept at try.


These bikes with a little trailer are hard to miss – you can see their green umbrella from afar. Also you probably will see a small line of people eagerly waiting for their Italian lunch.

The bike is decorated with blackboards promoting the daily food. You can also look online what’s on the menu (and also where the bake exactly is located). However, to be sure that they still have all the dishes, you really should get there early. When we got there at about 12:45 a lot of the dishes were sold out. This isn’t really a problem if you aren’t picky. But if you want a salad or don’t like a certain ham or cheese it really is worth going earlier. Obviously you can always try your luck at the second bike – which is what we did.


We grabbed a prosciutto ciabatta and a portion of Gnocchi close to Maelbeek and then headed up to the other bike at Art-Loi. (Mainly because we wanted to give you a complete review!) There we were in luck and still got two salads.  The staff at both bikes was easy-going and really friendly.


We headed over to the park to eat our food – just before it started to rain. Although we had been wandering around for a while the Gnocchi still were warm – and heavenly. Great texture and a yummy tomato sauce. We shared one portion and had a salad each. The salads had  bit too much dressing for my liking but the Mozzarella was superb! We were really full after this meal – so we actually had to keep the ciabatta for later. This was an interesting sandwich: Instead of butter they used a parmesan cream – a mixture of Philadelphia cream cheese and parmesan!

If we are in the mood for a quick snack we definitely will be back. It’s like a little trip to Italy in your lunch break. Unfortunately they don’t do desserts – but Lasagna Tiramisu isn’t far away. (Post coming soon!)

Cibacco Italian Food Bike // Facebook Page