Finnish Seamen’s Mission
A hidden place for Cinnamon Buns


When we posted our blog about the Cinnamon Buns from the Scanshop near Place Jourdan, reader Lis recommended we try the ones at the Finnish Seamen’s Mission for the sake of comparison. We did – and we liked it … 

First of all: Thanks to Lis for telling us about the Finnish Seamen’s Mission! Although it’s in the middle of the EU district, half-way between the Commission and the Parliament, it’s one of those places you would never notice if you were not specifically looking for it. Located at 33 Rue Jacques de Lalaing / Jacques de Lalaingstraat 33, the Seamen’s Mission resides in a nondescript house in a rather shabby street. The only people who do know it’s there are probably Finns – and the people from the German TV station ARD, which has its broadcasting centre directly opposite (hint: that’s the easiest way to find it!).

Before you go, make sure to check the opening times on their website, as they don’t operate the ‘regular’ shop hours.

The Seamen’s Mission has a nice little cafe and also a small shop with Finnish specialities. We had a look around, but I guess you would only pay those rather high ‘import-prices’ if you are homesick and looking for a treat from home.

Now, let’s talk about the Cinnamon Buns: The ones we had seemed to come fresh out of the oven – the cafe was still filled with that heavenly scent! They tasted lovely and had a slightly different texture to the ones from the Scanshop. Note: I say different, not better or worse. Now that you ask me: I prefer the ones from the Scanshop – if I can get them freshly baked in the morning. Otherwise, the afternoon freshness at the Seamen’s Mission wins!

One more thing: At ~2 € per piece, the Buns were a bit expensive. If – like me – you are a regular Bun eater, consider that at the Scanshop they only cost half of that!

Finnish Seamen’s Mission, Rue Jacques de Lalaing 33, Brussels // Website

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